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Westport Value & Resale

That same investment in design, tooling, infrastructure and process engineering pays enormous dividends, enabling us to eliminate non-productive hours for a faster build and on-time delivery while adhering to the strictest quality standards.

Westport Yacht’s Pricing Is the Most Competitive in the Industry.

The contracted price is the price you pay, with no surprises, no delays and no surcharges. And that price is for a fully-equipped yacht, complete with electronics, tender, dock lines, linens, dinnerware … even a full load of fuel.

Your Best Luxury Yacht Value

As important as what a yacht costs, is what it’s worth. That’s why Westport has enlisted the talent of leading naval architects and designers – William Garden, Donald Starkey, Greg Marshall – working in concert with Taylor Olson and the rest of the Westport design and engineering team to develop beautiful, seaworthy, comfortable yachts.

Process Engineering Has a Lot to Do With Value

Engine installation, for example, takes place much later in the Westport build than conventional sequences would allow, and ensures the owner a fresh, new propulsion system that hasn’t sat in a hull for months or years, tying up capital while becoming dated … and often serving as a very expensive set of workbenches.

Best Value - Best Resale

Resale Value Retention – Consistent Repeat Customers

Compared to industry averages, Westport Yachts retain a remarkably high resale value.

Better yet, Westport Yachts sell quickly, typically within three to six months of listing, a big reason why so many current Westport owners also are repeat customers.

With their refined, crisp exterior contours, and warm inviting interiors that never go out of style, Westport yachts enjoy a market of eager buyers, no matter how long you plan to enjoy yours.

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