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List Your Yacht with Westport | Yachts Marketing | Central Agent Services

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The role of the Central Agent is similar to that which is performed by the multiple listing agents in real estate. Once a Central Agent is selected, the seller is no longer obligated to speak with other brokers or prospects. Instead, the Central Agent manages the flow of information and communication to and from all other appropriate brokers and agents as well as members of the buying public.

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The Central Agent orchestrates and coordinates the sales and marketing efforts of a yacht in order to sell the boat.

Once negotiations are entered, the Central Agent confirms the validity of the buyer and ensures that proper deposits are in place. In short, when an owner of a yacht chooses a Central Agent, he has selected one individual to represent his interests and should expect a commitment of efforts.

Diligence & Attention

Florida Bonded & Licensed

Westport obtains full and complete knowledge of each yacht listed for sale. We pay diligent attention to ensure that correct and detailed information is transmitted both to other brokers as well as to clients. Westport assembles all purchase offers for the vessel and transmits them immediately to the owner in the appropriate form. More importantly, we, to the limit possible, ensure that all offers are complete in form and content.

Yacht Listings – Worldwide Reach

Market Aware – All Power Boat Types

Westport organizes for each yacht accurate and extensive listing specifications which information includes: Pictures, profile and general arrangement plans, and where appropriate, brochures. This information is disseminated throughout the industry on a worldwide basis and to all interested purchasers. Moreover, we continually update the appropriate audiences as information about the yacht changes (e.g. location, sales status, price, arrangements for inspection, etc.)

Global Marketing Network

Experienced and Dedicated

Westport maintains full cooperation with all major brokerage firms throughout the world including the United States, Mexico, South America, Europe, Mid-East and Far East. We communicate with these brokers, agents and middlemen via international multiple listing services and traditional and digital communications.

Qualifying Prospects

Domestic & International Breadth

Westport screens all requested inspections to assure a qualified purchaser and then organizes and coordinates all showing appointments directly with the vessel and its crew (unless otherwise determined by the owner).

Maximum Yacht Sales Exposure – Westport Sells

Westport offers significant advantages to owners wishing to sell their motor yacht or sportfishing boat. Thanks to the scale of our brokerage operations serving prime yachting markets, we can provide maximum exposure of your vessel to a large, qualified audience of prospective buyers.

Westport advertises in leading yachting magazines & publications, maintains a heavily visited and continually updated website, participates in the world’s major Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and attends the major boat shows of the world. Westport yacht brokers apply their experience and thorough knowledge of the category to recommend optimum pricing.

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List Your Yacht with Westport | Yachts Marketing | Central Agent Services

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