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Composite Yacht Construction

A Better Way To Build Boats

Carbon Fiber

Over the years, composite materials and technology have evolved to become a preferred yacht & boat construction method among the most knowledgeable designers, builders and owners. Not surprising, when you consider the new boat construction advantages:

Westport composite fiberglass yacht construction maximizes the life of the yacht, reduces maintenance costs & maintenance time, & maximizes resale value & enjoyment.

Every Westport yacht features proven technology in composite construction. Westport exclusively builds all hulls and major deck parts in one-piece, precision-engineered molds. Fewer parts mean greater structural integrity and resistance to stress.

For the Westport Yacht owner, that translates to year after year of enjoyable, trouble-free cruising.

All Composite Boat Building - Superior Results and Value

As a yacht builder of long standing, Westport also takes a long-term view of the future, and has invested heavily in facilities, processes, and proven technologies to secure our position at the forefront of the industry.

We were among the first to recognize the attributes of all-composite construction, and have worked closely with the composites industry, even pioneering new techniques and materials that currently are used industry-wide.

Westport is unsurpassed in the application of computer-aided design and manufacturing methods, and unmatched in the precision of tooling, patterns and finished parts, fundamental to a first-class build.

Weight Savings & High Efficiency

Global Yacht Support

Sound Absorption & Insulation

Yacht Services 24/7

Strength & Structural Integrity

Yacht Care From The Start

Less Maintenance & Reduced Upkeep

Enjoyable Experience


Thanks to their lighter weight, composite yachts are faster and more efficient than their comparably powered steel or aluminum counterparts.


Space-age materials give composites superior strength and impact resistance for unexcelled structural integrity.


A composite structure effectively isolates and absorbs sound, reducing hull and mechanical noise levels for quiet operation. You benefit from a more enjoyable operation both while cruising and while stationary at dock or anchorage. The spread of noise and and vibrations associated with noise are reduced.


A composite yacht offers superior thermal insulation properties, making it easier to air condition for greater comfort in warm-water cruising, or to heat in cold climate cruising. Generators operate more efficiently because of reduced air conditioning loads.

Less Maintenance

Composite materials are not susceptible to rust or galvanic corrosion, and so require less maintenance than metal. You spend more time on the water while reducing the cost of upkeep.


A composite yacht offers exceptional structural integrity to ensure long life and maximum return at resale time. Advanced coring materials and resins give composites exceptional impact resistance for long, trouble-free life.

world-class customer service

and global support

Customer Support - Yacht Service Worldwide

Westport's goal is to provide every client a completely enjoyable cruising and ownership experience. To achieve that, we offer a full range of pro-active customer services on a global scale, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each owner receives a comprehensive contact list for immediate access to technical professionals to address any service, maintenance or repair issue.

Additionally, Westport service teams maintain a schedule of regular contact with captains for service bulletins, operational advisories ... or simply to ensure that all systems are go.

With a full support center on the U.S. East Coast and the resources of shipyard support staff, Westport can respond immediately to any service need, anywhere in the world.

Dimensions, weight, performance and capacities where shown are approximate. Speeds, weight and other performance estimates, if shown or discussed, are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Photos may show optional equipment. Optional equipment may be shown. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without notification. Please consult your Westport sales representative for complete details.

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