Adventure Yacht Charters | Westport Yachts Charter Guide

Adventure Yacht Charters

Does seeing the Northern Lights, conquering the Northwest Passage or tackling the icebergs of Antarctica top your bucket list?

Adventure Yacht Charters | Westport Yachts Charter Guide

An Adventure Charter May Be Just What You Need

Adventure doesn’t mean a lack of luxury. You will discover the natural wonders of the world from the deck of your yacht, replete with comfortable accommodation, spa tubs and seven-star service that you’ve come to expect from a yacht vacation.

Explore the high latitudes of the Northwest Passage, visit local tribes in the South Pacific, play golf in the Caribbean or heli-ski in Patagonia – returning to the yacht for hot cocoa or a cocktail to celebrate a day well spent.

If you can dream it, a luxury charter yacht can make it happen.

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Adventure Yacht Charters | Westport Yachts Charter Guide

Adventure Comes in Many Forms

This might mean a physical challenge, a chance to engage in a favorite sport in a distant place, or perhaps something more mentally stimulating – traveling off the beaten track and seeing and experiencing something entirely different.

Imagine watching the Northern Lights from the deck of your own private yacht. Or maybe getting up close and personal with penguins in Antarctica is more your thing. Or venturing up a steaming jungle river through a tropical rainforest, while watching Bogie in The African Queen in air-conditioned luxury. Perhaps you’d prefer to play the best golf course in the Caribbean, with your yacht taking you right there.

Active Charters

Whatever your choice of adventure, a luxury charter yacht is your chariot. If you’re a scuba diver, you can explore incredible dive sites in the most remote island chains where you may not see another boat for days. Many charter yachts have their own dive masters as well as tank refill equipment, and you can even certify your skills while chartering – either learning to dive or upgrading to an advanced certification.

If you fancy any kind of active adventure, a luxury charter yacht can make it a reality. Kite-surf the breezy but smooth waters off Aruba or settle in at a luxury marina in Montenegro, which is only a helicopter hop away from untouched slopes for skiing and snowboarding.

Fishing – Golfing

Want to land a trophy-sized billfish for the wall of your den? A yacht charter can put you in the prime spots of The Bahamas or off Costa Rica and Panama. Your skipper can even arrange to have your mounted trophy shipped to your home.

If golf is your bag (excuse the pun), you can cruise from course to course through the Caribbean, taking on one challenging design after another – enjoying staggering views of the ocean from the fairways. When it comes to adventure, the wilder the better. Want to swim with giant whale sharks in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez? Fish for piranhas in the Amazon? Helicopter in to a mountain stream and cast a fly, and then have your catch grilled for dinner aboard your yacht? Explore the sunken warships in Micronesia’s Truk Lagoon? All of this and so much more is waiting for you on your luxury adventure charter.

Routes Less Traveled

There’s no club quite so exclusive as the one for those who have reached the last true wilderness. Some owners send their yachts to circle the globe, allowing charterers to step on board in faraway places such as New Caledonia, with its huge barrier reef, or Thailand, to visit the sea gypsy villages on stilts.

Adventure Yacht Charters | Westport Yachts Charter Guide
Adventure Yacht Charters | Westport Yachts Charter Guide

Planning a True Adventure

A voyage to the Antarctic or a drift along the Pacific’s remotest shores – gives a special purpose to a charter. It also requires a tough boat and experienced crew. This is where an adventure specialist company can enhance the experience, making sure visitors don’t miss any of the good stuff.

Your broker, captain and adventure charter specialists will know it takes local knowledge to find the best concentrations of wildlife and that a guide will enhance a remote cruising experience, so you’ll never miss a polar bear sighting.

Want to see polar bears and reindeer and marvel at the aurora borealis? Then Svalbard, an archipelago halfway to the North Pole from Norway, the largest island of which is Spitsbergen, is for you. You can find both dolphin and penguins around New Zealand’s wild South Island, and only 32 of the 177 islands of Tonga are inhabited, so they remain much as when Captain Cook first saw them on his travels almost 250 years ago.

An adventure charter can be whatever you want to make it, from a trip brimming with energetic activities to one of relaxed discovery and contemplation. Whatever your taste for exploration, there is a luxury charter yacht equipped and positioned to satisfy any appetite.

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