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From High-Speed Tenders and Helicopters to Drones

Yacht Tenders, Toys & Tech | Yacht Charter Guide

It’s All Waiting on Board Your Own Tailor-Made Charter Yacht Vacation

You might hear your charter captain refer to the “toy box” – no, he’s not talking about playing with Lego, but breaking out the big boy (and girl) toys. Half the fun of being on board a superyacht is getting to play around in the water, and there are always new offerings coming on the market designed to spark the interest of even the most mature adults and remind them of the child-like fun of playtime.

It’s a big watery world out there, so don’t forget to have some fun on it.

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Amazing Technology

Every superyacht needs a good tender, and these aren’t just a matter of conveying guests to shore but can be a thrill in their own right, too. It’s a big watery world out there, so don’t forget to have some fun on it. There’s some amazing tech to be found inside as well, in the gym or even your stateroom.

Powered by up to 400hp of outboard, the sharp-looking Iguana 29 tender can crack 40 knots, but for once the big news is not the offshore performance; it is what it can do on shore. Lower the twin, hydraulically driven caterpillar tracks, which are powered by an inboard petrol or electric motor, and drive straight up the beach for the ultimate yacht-to-shore transfer. Those caterpillar tracks spread the weight so efficiently that the manufacturer states that if you can stand on it, you can drive over it. Never has beach access been so easy or so incredibly cool.

Waterskiing, Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing

A resurgence in the popularity of waterskiing, wakeboarding and, more recently, wakesurfing means that a tender catering specifically for these pursuits makes a lot of sense. MasterCraft’s dedicated Superyacht Tenders Division, based in the UK, offers a range of boats tailored to this role, such as the MasterCraft X26 superyacht tender. The chief adaptation is the installation of a powerful Yanmar diesel engine in place of the usual petrol motor, offering increased safety, reliability and parity with the fuel supply of the mothership. Beyond that, custom lift point options ensure compatibility with single or multi-point lifting, spreader bars or keel line lifts.

Cool Copter

Rescue teams favor Leonardo’s AW109 Trekker helicopter because it is known to be powerful, reliable, spacious and adaptable. Those features, along with high ground clearance and skid landing gear, also make it an excellent choice of aircraft for heli-skiing – taking off from your yacht’s helipad. Its spacious cabin can be configured to accommodate up to seven passengers, and a fast cruising speed of more than 150 knots will get you to the top of the mountain sharpish.

Exercise – Running Machines

All running machines are not made equal. Technogym’s MyRun treadmill, as well as being nicely designed, is also extremely smart. The integrated MyRun app uses an algorithm to give you your stride length, cadence and displacement center of gravity. Then it really gets to work, tailoring personalized routines to improve speed, endurance or both. The machine will link to your Spotify account and create a playlist suited to your running rhythm.

On-Board Information Systems – Keep An Eye Out

You know the flight information screens on airplane entertainment systems? YachtEye is a pimped out version of these for oceangoing travelers. The visual infotainment platform keeps guests and owners up to speed about the journey. Interaction with YachtEye is via television, touchscreens or tablets and features include route highlights, itinerary, weather conditions, tender positions and menu of the day. The yacht displayed in 3D at its current position in a multi viewpoint animation is fun, and the AirTracker, which charts nearby aircraft in a 62 mile range, is impressive.

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Yacht Drones – Above the Fray

What better way to capture those precious memories from your superyacht vacation than from the sky? Easy to use and compact, the DJI Mavic Pro drone folds down to pocket size. The range of 4.3 miles and a flight time of 27 minutes should be more than sufficient, plus the new Flight Autonomy system means it can avoid obstacles all on its own at speeds up to 22mph. Following a fast tender? Sport Mode lets you record using the 4K stabilized camera at speeds of up to 40mph.

Diving Tech – Breath Deep

The superior Poseidon Se7en Rebreather is a breathing apparatus that was developed by NASA engineer Dr. Bill Stone when he applied the same principles behind the kit astronauts use in space. It measures and controls the amount of oxygen at changing depths while purifying exhaled air of CO2 and refreshing it with oxygen. It then recirculates it. The result is that you can stay underwater for up to three hours. There’s lots of tech, too, including Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can make configuration changes mid-dive.
Teed off

Golf and Yachting

Yacht Golf from FunAir is like bringing a golf course out to sea. Far beyond hitting balls out to sea like at a driving range, FunAir has taken the concept further and added the challenge of targets that turn the ocean into a golf course. Your yacht’s crew will set up individual floating holes at a variety of distances. As Yacht Golf is available in sets of three, you can easily create a nine or 18 hole floating course to the par of your own design. Best of all, Yacht Golf is eco-conscious – the marine friendly Ecobioballs are actually fish food, so you’ll be giving the fish a treat if you don’t get that hole in one, and the balls that make it into the holes can be scooped up for later use.

With a charter yacht, you can make your vacation anything you want, from mild to wild, and change it again overnight. Whatever your dreams, chartering a luxury yacht is the best way to turn them into special and lasting memories.

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