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Our Boat Builder’s Commitment to the Yacht Owner

Westport Service & Support - Worldwide

Westport offers a full range of owner services, designed to keep every yacht meticulously maintained for flawless performance, total onboard enjoyment and maximum return at re-sale time.

At Westport, We Take The Service of Your Yacht Seriously – 24 Hours a Day

Westport’s commitment to serving our customers begins the moment each owner signs the contract to purchase a new or brokerage yacht.

At delivery, owner and captain are presented with a list of contacts at the appropriate sales center, in the service department and at the shipyard, for 24 hour-a-day access and immediate response to any need.

Stability in Personnel – Relationships

You will find a consistent relationship with the people you have come to identify and call upon during the entire length of your new construction process and delivery. Westport is proud of our decades-long company associates. The majority of the Westport craftsmen, office associates, management, and sales & services associates have been with the company for over a decade. Many have tenures of several decades.

Yacht Service & Support Anywhere in the World – From The Start

Once final commissioning is complete, experienced service representatives accompany your crew for a comprehensive sea trial and orientation, so that your Westport Yacht is delivered ready for you to board and enjoy.

Following delivery, Westport maintains regular contact with each yacht, to ensure the vessel’s satisfactory operation and advise crew on maintenance issues.

At Westport, we take service seriously. If, for example, you experience a problem, we don’t expect you to find and contact the manufacturer in order to chase down the warranty claim or repair/replacement.

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That way, your yacht will maintain its like-new condition, along with a detailed service and maintenance log, important and valuable documentation at resale time.

Westport Service & Support - Worldwide

Delivering the Yachting Experience of A Lifetime

Our customers are buying an experience — adventure, relaxation, socializing and fun — as much as they’re buying a product. Westport’s obligation is to ensure that every yacht delivers that experience consistently from day one, and we believe that the best way to accomplish that is through sustaining a close relationship with the owner and crew of each vessel.

We have a growing number of second and third-time owners who apparently agree.

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