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Westport New Yacht Sales

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New Boat Sales and Service

Westport Yacht Sales
Fort Lauderdale

2957 W State Road 84
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
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Yacht Sales & Charters
+1 954-316-6364

Westport – Seattle
2288 W. Commodore Way
Suite 220
Seattle, Washington 98199
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Westport Yachts Marine Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
One stop sales, service & support for new Westport Yachts.

New Yacht Sales - Westport Yachts - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

New Yacht Sales for Westport

Westport Fort Lauderdale & Seattle are the only manufacturer’s sales offices for Westport new boat construction.

This means a new yacht buyer has the opportunity to deal directly and confidently with the shipyard and not through layers of distributor and boat dealer channels.

Direct Sales …
… Outstanding Benefits to the Yacht Buyer

Westport Yachts has Earned the Confidence of Owners & Captains

On-Time, On-Budget Delivery
One-Stop Point of World-Wide Sales
Experienced & Motivated to Help You
A Construction Process of Precision & Control