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Eleuthera is famed for coral-colored pink beaches, private and celebrity enclaves, and the intersections of Old-World Bahamian ambiance and modern island-life.

Part of the Great Bahama Bank, the island of Eleuthera and it’s smaller archipelago islands are approximately 100 miles in length and face eastward towards the Atlantic and westward protected by harbors and bays.

From the northern village-center of Spanish Wells and traveling south, you are invited to experience some of the finest ambiance and lifestyle retreats available in the Bahamas.

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Spanish Wells – North Eleuthera

Fishing and diving are a way of life in Spanish Wells and golf carts and boats have become the favorite means of transport. Set-off to explore the diversity of Eleuthera Island and its island neighbors, from Spanish Wells. For the snorkeling and diving enthusiast, The Devil’s Backbone is a shallow reef, located just north of Spanish Wells and named appropriately for the havoc wreaked upon un-prepared mariner – wrecks going back to the 1600’s.

Eleuthera Charters
Eleuthera Charters

Harbour Island – Dunmore Town

Pink-Sand Beaches & Long Coastline – Dating back to the 1700’s, Dunmore Town will meet your expectations of the picturesque Bahamian seafront village. A “Happy Place” that reinforces serenity and defines “quaint” and “cute”. Dine in fabulous seafood restaurants where the catch-of-the-day is always fresh – but don’t be in too much of a hurry.

Three airports serve Eleuthera: North Eleuthera International Airport (ELH), Governor’s Harbour International Airport (GHB) & Rock Sound International Airport (RSD).

Harbour Island

Discover the narrow streets and brightly painted homes by golf cart, then take a sunset paddleboard before enjoying fresh lobster. Harbour Island is known for its celebrity residents and visitors and posh island-estates further south on the island.

Explore Spanish Wells and Dunmore Town. Make walking, exploring, shopping and seafood dining part of your daily routine.

Take the yacht’s tender or a small local boat and gunk-hole the coast. Take a siesta on the world-class beaches and finish the day with a breathtaking sunset. (If you are an early riser, the sunrises are pretty good too!)

Eleuthera Charters

Governor’s Harbour & Windermere

Cruise south and take some time for a visit to the natural pools at Queens Baths and for a walk along the craggy reef and rocky shore. Continue south to the capital of Eleuthera at Governor’s Harbour. Explore on foot the Victorian-era houses which overlook the harbour and are bordered by a narrow peninsula and Cupid’s Cay. The annual Pineapple Festival begins in early June.

For those looking for exclusivity and manicured island estate life, then Windermere Island may be your place. Note however, that the island this is a private club and gated-community and is not accessible by the general public.

Rock Sound – Ocean Hole

Secluded beaches, fishing, and exploring. Towards the southern tip of Eleuthera is the small village of Rock Sound and in the center of Rock Sound is Ocean Hole. Ocean Hole is a land-locked pond that is more than 600 feet (183 meters) deep and is thought to be connected by under ground passages. Uniquely the water is “somewhat salty” but it is populated with salt-water fish species.

Continue south to the southern most portions of Eleuthera and the assorted settlements and villages Green Castle, Deep Creek, Wemyss Bight and Bannerman Town.

Next Stop – Cat Island south.

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