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You can hike to beautiful waterfalls, drop the hook in empty anchorages, walk white sand beaches and find that thatched hut beach bar.

With the landscape clothed in dense rainforest and waters teeming with a rainbow of fish and gigantic green turtles, the chain of islands that makes up the Lesser Antilles offers some of the best cruising in the Caribbean for those seeking the solitude of nature. In many ways, it’s the Caribbean the way it used to be.

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St. Lucia and the Grenadines

Starting in St. Lucia, which is famed for its twin Pitons mountains and regarded as one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the Caribbean, this relaxed route takes you through the unspoiled beauty of the Grenadines.

You will wind your way southward, through smaller, more desolate cays, allowing guests a feeling of reconnecting with nature along the way. And after experiencing the delights of St. Vincent, Canouan and Mayreau – where you can eat, swim, snorkel, play golf and exhaust the yacht’s supply of toys, you’ll finally emerge into the buzzing markets, spellbinding waterfalls and chocolate farms of the spice island of Grenada.

This is one of the most beautiful, flavorful and most iconic of all the Caribbean cruising grounds and not one to be missed.

St. Lucia and the Grenadines Caribbean

St. Lucia