Indian Ocean and The Seychelles Yacht Charters

Indian Ocean – Seychelles

Eden Island Marina | La Digue | Curieuse Island | Praslin | Aride Island
Cocos Island | Anse Royale, Mahé | Baie Ternay, Mahé

Indian Ocean and The Seychelles Yacht Charters

East Africa / Indian Ocean Yacht Charter Vacations

The Seychelles are the stuff of tropical dreams. You will have seen plenty of photographs of giant boulders framing white sand beaches and a cruise to the stunning Seychelles can take you right into the picture; soon you’ll be leaving footprints on these perfect sandy spots.

Set in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, the Seychelles comprise more than 100 islands, with the most remote lying some 700 miles from the main island of Mahé. With such ample, spread-out cruising grounds, there are plenty of places to explore within a weeklong – even or longer – charter.

Seychelles Comprise More Than 100 Islands | Indian Ocean Tropical Paradise

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