Southeast Asia / Thailand Yacht Charters

Southeast Asia / Thailand Yacht Charters

Phuket | Koh Hong | Phang Nga Bay | Koh Roi | Koh Hong | Koh Dam |Phi Phi Islands | Ko Rok Nok | Butang | Langkawi

Southeast Asia / Thailand Yacht Charters

Southeast Asia Thailand Yacht Charter Vacations

Thirsting for a new winter getaway? Thailand is primed for winter charters with its lovely climate, an abundance of islands, excellent diving and wonderful food. Thailand is known as the land of smiles, and when you take a yacht charter here you’ll be smiling too.

It is unique in its culture and scenery, and the smiling Thai people ensure the warmest of welcomes. The country has been catering to high-end tourists for more than a decade. Attractions include colorful Buddhist temples, distinctive food using fragrant spices, and film-worthy yet unspoiled beaches. Cruising here offers a sea of contrasts: you can sail past coconut plantations one day, then towering rock formations known as karsts the next.

Most superyacht charters focus on the Andaman Sea coast in and around the island of Phuket. This itinerary starts here, then takes you all the way south, exploring islands off the beaten path, and ending at the Malaysian paradise of Langkawi.

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Southeast Asia | Thailand | Superyacht Hub

Thailand’s Prime Minister is keen to make Phuket a superyacht hub, and changes to legislation saw the first foreign-flagged superyacht charter license granted in Thailand in recent years, expected to be the first of many.

Lovely Climate | Excellent Diving | Colorful Buddhist Temples

With a blend of stunning scenery, world-class diving, crystal clear water, and delicious food, this is a place you won’t soon forget.

Southeast Asia / Thailand Yacht Charters