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How To Have The Best Charter Ever

Some Expert Tips to Ensure a Trip of a Lifetime

Yacht Charter Guide
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There are Few Vacations that can Compare with a Yacht Charter

It’s a blend of the ultimate in privacy, freedom and luxury rolled up into one – plus the possibility to go anywhere and do anything you want.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, family adventure or couple’s trip, a yacht charter will make it a vacation for the record books. Working with your broker in advance, and heeding the tips below, will ensure your trip is a roaring success.

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Find the Right Yacht

Whether you’d like a fast-flying sailing superyacht to race in a regatta, a rugged explorer yacht to tour uncharted waters, a yacht large enough for the entire family or a glamorous classic vessel, there’s a boat out there that will be the right match. Work with your trusted charter broker to find the right yacht for you.

Choose Your Entourage

Think ahead about how many guests you plan to invite and what kind of trip this is – family, friends or a mixture? Or a romantic getaway for two? Knowing this will help your broker find you the most suitable yacht. Also discuss the number of separate cabins and beds required. Some yachts have space planned for staff not counted as guests such as a nanny, nurse, security, personal trainer or assistant.

Your Broker Is an Invaluable Resource

A knowledgeable yacht broker will dip into their many years of experience to help you every step of the way. They study all the new yachts and destinations. Your broker wants nothing more than to connect you with the right yacht, crew and location.

They know if you enjoy your vacation, you’ll be back. Build a strong relationship with your broker and they will learn all your requirements and always be on the look-out for yachts and trips to suit your needs.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

While the newest yachts might seem exciting, don’t let the age of a more established yacht dissuade you. Many yachts in the charter fleet have undergone thorough refits, so even an older yacht can be a great choice, especially if you’d like to not pay a premium just because a yacht is brand new. A vessel with good bones, an updated interior and a wonderful crew can be as enjoyable as a flashy new yacht.
Seek out a great crew

The most important consideration really is the crew. Your broker will look for a yacht that has a crew with a great reputation who can make your vacation unforgettable.