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Optimize Your Charter Experience

Once the charter is booked, what do you need to do next? And are there any rules? Prepare with these simple tips

Charter Experience - Yacht Charter Guide

Customize Your Charter

Often before boarding your yacht, you may be asked to complete a Preferences List. The more precise you are, the easier it is for your crew to prepare for your charter and make sure they have everything on board. Likewise, letting the captain know what you want to do in advance is highly recommended. If you want to go places that are quiet and remote it would be silly for the captain to take you to Monaco, and if you want to see and be seen, it might not make sense to go to a remote island in the South Pacific.

Brokers, captains and crew like to research what guests will enjoy so they can personalize the itinerary to suit your needs. Let them know what you want.

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Dividing the Rooms

Many charter yachts are designed with multiple chartering parties in mind and there will be more than one sizable suite, so that no one feels demoted in a smaller cabin. Typically, the largest suite goes to the principal charterer – the one who is inking the contract and footing the brunt of the bill. But if you are planning to travel with couples only and will be sharing costs equally, look for a yacht that has a few master-worthy VIP cabins, and have a discussion in advance about who will get which rooms, to avoid any awkward situations once you step on board.

Eat Well

The chef is here for you. Sometimes that means a midnight snack, other times that means not having breakfast until midday, but it always means getting exactly the cuisine you’re after. A private yacht chef is better than going to a restaurant. It’s more personal. Rather than having to please an entire restaurant, it’s all about one table and making you and your guests happy. It’s an added level of attention not found on most luxe vacations.

Any dietary requests can be met, whether you’re a vegan or just have a specific craving. Food can be flown in and couriered to the yacht if not available in local markets, making Beluga caviar, Japanese wagyu beef and jamón ibérico as ubiquitous as Cristal Champagne.

Mind the Rules

Some yachts don’t allow smoking – and some areas where you cruise don’t allow jet skis, so heed your captain’s and crew’s advice before lighting up or going for a spin.

Nanny on Board

Don’t assume that the crew will be your nanny. While many crew are excellent with children and can plan fun activities for kids, teaching them watersports and more, if you are looking to unwind completely, then perhaps consider bringing your own c