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The Joy of Chartering

Imagine Being Totally Pampered and Traveling Anywhere in the World in Complete Comfort

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It’s All Waiting on Board Your Own Tailor-Made Charter Yacht Vacations

Bespoke. It’s a word that is usually reserved for items such as painstakingly handmade furniture or hand-tailored couture dresses, but a luxury charter yacht vacation is most definitely bespoke because it is custom designed to meet your exacting and individual needs – and, as such, no two holidays are ever alike.

A charter yacht vacation is, quite simply, unlike any other travel experience. It’s about dreams: yours. And it’s about creating memories: yours.

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Joy of Chartering | Westport Yachts Charter Guide

Charter Yacht Vacations

A vacation on a luxury yacht will relax your mind, sweeping away the day-to-day stresses brought on by phones, messages and business meetings. It will refresh your body, swimming in warm waters and savoring luxurious massages. Most important, it will soothe your soul, with new vistas every day and the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

Charter yacht vacations provide three important elements: luxury, privacy and security. The suites and staterooms aboard luxury yachts can put the finest penthouses to shame, while guests wanting seclusion can enjoy their privacy far from prying eyes. And, in a world with disturbing headlines, the security aboard a luxury charter yacht is absolute.

Silver Service Standards

Imagine your charter yacht as a floating villa, staffed with crew trained to discreet and attentive “silver service” standards, and with a chef who learned his or her gourmet skills in the finest restaurants in the world. Unlike a resort, you don’t have to share this staff – or the spa tub – with anyone else, and you get to have a new view every day. Aboard a luxury charter yacht, the world is truly your oyster.

You can take as many – or as few – family members and friends as you care to invite. And a yacht vacation is the perfect base for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or business successes.

Don’t worry about being out of touch, either: some modern luxury yachts have better communication systems than you have in your office at home. From satellite communications to Wi-Fi to video conferencing, you’ll be able to keep an eye on business while your family plays. There’s also great entertainment and games available, and onboard cinemas where you can watch the latest releases in utter privacy.

Exceeding All Expectations

Your adventure will be carefully tailored by your charter broker and the captain not just to meet but to exceed all your expectations and desires. Want to put the first footprints on a deserted beach? Or dance until the wee hours at the hottest clubs?

No problem. Hone your sk