Wellness Charters - Health & Fitness | Westport Yachts Charter Guide

Wellness Charters

Charter yachts may teach, provide therapy, and attend to healthly regimes.

Wellness Charters - Health & Fitness | Westport Yachts Charter Guide

The Rising Trend in Wellness Holidays

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness travel is expected to rake in $800 billion per year by 2020.

Charters are getting in on the action as a yacht is a ready-made luxe wellness retreat – many have fabulous spas, high-end gyms and watersports centers, and their expert chef and crew can cater to your wellbeing needs – or fly in an elite fitness instructor for a week.

Here’s how to turn your charter into the ultimate floating wellness getaway.

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Wellness Charters - Health & Fitness | Westport Yacht Charter Guide

Choose a Wellness-Bred Yacht

Brokers can help you plan a wellness escape, recommending the yachts with the best gym equipment, spas or expansive deck spaces that can double as a yoga shala. And the ever-changing views as you cruise from one
beautiful place to another are hard to beat.

Detox on Board

One of the joys of chartering is having a highly skilled personal chef to cater to your exacting requests. Yacht chefs are nothing if not flexible and will create a healthy and nourishing menu around any detox or diet fad you desire – from the keto diet to delicious vegan fare and more.

Find a Yacht With Skilled Crew

The latest must-have in crew credentials are yoga, pilates, fitness and massage certifications. Owing to the demand for onboard wellness, charter crew who have any of these on their resumé are highly sought-after.

Get Active

Wellness isn’t all about Zen and detoxing. You can try the best golf courses in the Caribbean, go heli-skiing in Patagonia or kite-surfing off the Dominican Republic. After an active day, return to the yacht for a much needed massage, time in the sauna and a wholesome meal.

Go Spa-Hopping

Use the yacht to potter along the coastline of Med, stopping off in the Metropole in Monaco then sailing onto the La Réserve Ramatuelle near Saint-Tropez. Or spa-hop in the Caribbean, cruising from island to island, visiting the Eden Rock in St. Barths and Four Seasons in Anguilla.

Have the Gurus Come to You

Take your favorite personal trainer or pilates instructor from home along with you so you don’t miss a beat. Or sample a new expert, perhaps flying in a meditation guru who can curate a relaxation escape and help you unwind.

Make the Yacht Into Your Private Retreat

Most retreats would pale in comparison to the privacy and luxury affo