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From High-Speed Tenders and Helicopters to Drones

Yacht Tenders, Toys & Tech | Yacht Charter Guide

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You might hear your charter captain refer to the “toy box” – no, he’s not talking about playing with Lego, but breaking out the big boy (and girl) toys. Half the fun of being on board a superyacht is getting to play around in the water, and there are always new offerings coming on the market designed to spark the interest of even the most mature adults and remind them of the child-like fun of playtime.

It’s a big watery world out there, so don’t forget to have some fun on it.

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Amazing Technology

Every superyacht needs a good tender, and these aren’t just a matter of conveying guests to shore but can be a thrill in their own right, too. It’s a big watery world out there, so don’t forget to have some fun on it. There’s some amazing tech to be found inside as well, in the gym or even your stateroom.

Powered by up to 400hp of outboard, the sharp-looking Iguana 29 tender can crack 40 knots, but for once the big news is not the offshore performance; it is what it can do on shore. Lower the twin, hydraulically driven caterpillar tracks, which are powered by an inboard petrol or electric motor, and drive straight up the beach for the ultimate yacht-to-shore transfer. Those caterpillar tracks spread the weight so efficiently that the manufacturer states that if you can stand on it, you can drive over it. Never has beach access been so easy or so incredibly cool.

Waterskiing, Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing

A resurgence in the popularity of waterskiing, wakeboarding and, more recently, wakesurfing means that a tender catering specifically for these pursuits makes a lot of sense. MasterCraft’s dedicated Superyacht Tenders Division, based in the UK, offers a range of boats tailored to this role, such as the MasterCraft X26 superyacht tender. The chief adaptation is the installation of a powerful Yanmar diesel engine in place of the usual petrol motor, offering increased safety, reliability and parity with the fuel supply of the mothership. Beyond that, custom lift point options ensure compatibility with single or multi-point lifting, spreader bars or keel line lifts.

Cool Copter

Rescue teams favor Leonardo’s AW109 Trekker helicopter because it is known to be powerful, reliable, spacious and adaptable. Those features, along with high ground clearance and skid landing gear, also make it an excellent choice of aircraft for heli-skiing – taking off from your yacht’s helipad. Its